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Lace Butterfly

As a lifelong artist, I enjoy several different types of design, from drawing to interior design to fashion and painting using several different mediums. Most recently I started to take an interest in designing and handcrafting jewelry which is how JeweledArt came into fruition. I had thought about how nice it would be to have "ART" dangling from your ears or "ART" draped along the neck and decolletage or the jingle-jangle of "ART" on a wrist. JeweledArt jewelry is one-of-a-kind.

Born in New Jersey and raised in a small town, I always found the need to branch off and be something different from the rest. I would always find a way to become involved with art. Whether it was teaching art to children, or being an early entrepreneur with my own Calligraphy business or joining the after school art programs at the local County College or winning 1st place prizes at local art shows.

Years later, I would find that another passion of mine would be interior design. In 2009 I enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online to study Residential Planning and Interior Design, graduating in February 2011.

During this time, I have not only found that I enjoy making jewelry, but I have begun to paint custom art for residential spaces. Somewhere, somehow I also started singing in a Classic Rock/Blues Band.

Thank you for letting me share my story...Gina


Woodbridge Township, NJ, USA

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